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Fluid-bed Dryers

Fluidization is a process whereby pressurized air is passed, by the virtue of a fan, through the granular material to be fluidized at high speed against the force of gravity to keep the granules suspended.


•Lower energy consumption compared to otherdryers
•Power source as per different fuel types
•Drying multiple products in the same drying process
•Cooling on the same body
•Rapid and uniform heat transfer

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Rotary Belt Dryers

Rotary Belt Dryers are used to dry products while they are being moved horizontally with the help of fans through a system which consists of steel pallets bedded over a chain and isolated chambers.


•Designed to dry granular products with or over adiameter of 20 mm, or sludge products in macaroniform.
•Maximum yield for high moisture and hard-dry products thanks to extended kiln-drying time.
•Various drying periods with adjustable speed beltsystem

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Calcination plants are specially custom designed according to the product to be calcination, following laboratory analysis and pilot tests of the ore to be calcinated.


•High evaporation capacity
•Special blade design
•Designed to dry materials with a diameter from 5 mm to 20 mm
•Solid fuelled hot air generators can be used as energy source

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